9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
North Dakota

New to BYC but not chickens. I've raised chickens off and on (mostly on) since 1988. I moved in 2008 to North Dakota and gave away my remaining chickens before I moved -- after a mink killed most of them!

So, after 2 chicken-less years, I am back in business. I bought some "improved hatchery stock" from a local breeder and have many hatchery chicks -- some Easter presents that were passed on to me, some I purchased. I have always loved Buff Orpingtons and now I am smitten with Lavender Orpingtons. We have a sale here in the fall and chickens sell quite well. I am seriously considering selling most of my stock at the sale and sticking to better quality Buff and Lavender Orpingtons, but still trying to decide which direction to take. So many chickens, so little time!!

Becky in North Dakota

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