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    Aug 11, 2007
    I have three dogs, a Very large Black lab neutered male (Apollo), a Shepherd/Chow/? Mix Spayed female (LeiLani) and a Beagle female (Annie). We usually feed Purina One to the two large dogs and Blue Buffalo to the beagle. This month is not a good month, we got hit with a $400 + ticket because we didn't have insurance on husbands car. Yes I know this is stupid, I realize that it was stupidity on my part, he just got a job after 5 years and so we just started using the car, I should of just called and added it right away but was going to do it next month when it is due again for my car. We usually pay it for 6months at a time. Anyway along with the ticket (my fault I know) the car is not wanting to shift out of park, and then my car starts making an odd noise. Well we will be eating lean this month. But we will make it.
    My question is this : We won't have the money to feed Purina One by itself the whole month. (We go through 2-3 bags a month at $30 a bag- usually about $90 a month) The beagle will be getting whatever I get for the others as well when her bag of blue buffalo runs out (1 bag a month , small bag $18). I have two choices Choice A. Buy a bag of Purina one $30 (30lbs) and 2 bags of Old Roy $15each (50lbs)$30, for a total of $60 mix them 3cups Purina One and 5 cups Old Roy, which is 3 cups more then what I would use if just Purina one. Or Choice B. Just buy regular Purina (the ingredient list doesn't look any different then Old Roy's though) Get three bags $25 (50lbs) $75. Says they would need 7 cups a day and 6 cups a day (Apollo and Lani)
    I don't mind the extra $15 but after comparing Purina and Old Roy the ingredient list looks the same, I don't feel a need to pay $15 extra for the same quality feed, also if I use the Old Roy they will still be getting some of the good stuff. They also get Vitamin powder mixed into their foods and the two larger / Older dogs get Glucosamine as well.
    Also this will only be for a month. Next month we will be back to the Purina one, and if all goes well, we will be transitioning all dogs to Blue buffalo next year.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Old Roy is not food it's filler junk food for dogs.......like hot dogs for people, My MIL feeds that and her dogs are sickly skinny things, I would try a good cheaper brand I have used in a pinch, Kibbles and bits, its 1 that my fussy dogs will even eat. They usually get Purina 1 lamb and rice...
    You could also buy Hamburger, or use wild game, and rice and make your own, eggs + rice+ burger+cottage cheese+ some veggie scraps. Its good for there digestion, and with the vitamins your dogs get should be fine for 1 month. Watch for sale burger, I just got some for my Dogs as treats for 189 LB, rice is cheap, and if cottage cheese runs too much in your area, use cheap yogurt..........the natural culture will also be good for them..
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    Oct 11, 2011
    You could supplement the dogs' diets with eggs too - they're supposed to make their coats shiny... I have 2 labs & 2 chihuahuas... I give the labs yogurt sometimes and that seems to prevent ear infections...
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    Its all junk, IMO. Kibbbles and bits has tonsof sugar in it along with propylene glycol. Yuck.
    Is it possible for you to feed the better food since you should need less of it? Also, from the pics, the two bigger ones wouldn't hurt to lose a few lbs, so you could probably knock a cup or twoa day off the total right there. [​IMG]
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    I'd feed anything but the Ol' roy. I'd rather feed Kibbles and bits than that. What meat there is in Ol' Roy comes from roadkill and already deceased animals from farms.
    In your place I would choose the Purina.. mix all the blue buffalo you have left with the purina in a seperate bag just for the beagle, whos still going to have higher needs after the pups... and if I could see the amount wasn't going to last a whole month (and we've been there in the past [​IMG] ) I would extend it all by cooking up some brown rice (a big bag doesen't cost much) any decent human leftovers (suitable for dogs, no cooked bones), on sale meats such as the mentioned ground beef... and mix it in with a bit of kibble.

    The important part while you get through this month is just to keep your dogs fed and satisfied without them being poisoned by roadkill or the Big doggie no-nos, not that they have the very best nutrition. But I would make it up to them next month [​IMG]
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    Have you checked with your local Humane Society or other shelter? Many have food programs going right now to reduce the number of abandoned/surrendered dogs. You can always donate a couple of bags of food or cash to them once you get back on your feet. A few volunteer hours would probably be appreciated as well. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Very good Idea I never even thought of that 1...........
    Also cheap burger does not have to be bad burger.......this is 90 % lean angus that was 1.89 a Lb, I usually use venison myself and don't buy much meat at the store except for treats or if we get too low on wild meat, right now we have anything from moose to alligator in our freezer, but my dogs still get burger occasionally and are all very healthy, even my 13 yearold Pit/Mastif, female who was suppose to be dead from cancer 2 years ago is doing quite well, though does have some arthritis in her hips.
    Look below
    Tigger Pit cross 12 years old [​IMG]
    Bugsy 10 year old purebred Boxer [​IMG]
    Leo our newest rescue [​IMG]
    We also have a German Shepard/Husky who is 13 and going strong, and my White Shepard, my golden retriever and most of the other dogs I have owned lived to be over 14 Brandy The WS was 16 when she had to be put down. and Sandy the GR was 3 months from being 17 years old................. so
    The OP also asked for help not opinions on dog food...most are junk made the cheapest way possible for the most profit, why I suggested burger,rice ect. because at least food fit for people was not road kill or ground up who knows what. Kim
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    Sep 19, 2010
    Well, I'm of the opinion, you got to do what you got to do. You were hit hard this month, you need to make some adjustments. It's part of life and it's okay. Buy whatever feed you can afford and just supplement with eggs and vegetables (and your vitamins and supplements). [​IMG]
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    Mar 30, 2011
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  10. Oregon Blues

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    Did you already pay the ticket? Because if you go to court and beg for leniency, the judge will often reduce the fine considerably.

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