A new run for the little girls...

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    So I have decided to get into silkies and so far I have 10. Three that are 3 months old, one that is 2 months old, and six chicks 3 weeks old...I have the six chicks in the brooder and the four older silkies living with my 8 week old ameraucanas out in the grown out pen. Well we have 'renovated' the grow out pen and have turned it into the silkie pen. Here are some before and after shots...

    As you can see the little coop is to the left and is totally covered with a little coop at the back and a sand floor 'run' at the front...it is 5x8 ft in total

    so today we added onto the front of the coop/run with a fenced in, open top run that will keep the silkies separate from the big girls
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    Very nice!! [​IMG]
  3. real_redhead

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    Jun 6, 2011
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    Very cute!!! Wish I had something as nice...maybe I can get hubby to work on something hum...
  4. dwegg

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    Thanks...we worked quite hard all weekend...especially since we are both not very handy...but everything you see (both the big and little girl coops AND the time-out hospital in there) we built ourselves...with doors and gates with hinges and everything...
  5. Jferlisi

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    Nicely done there. They look very happy.
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    Aug 6, 2011
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    well it looks super. Are you putting a top on the fence over the run
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    Hi from Ga. [​IMG]
  8. dwegg

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    Quote:yes i am trying to figure our how to put something over the top that will allow me to open it so i can get in and clean it ect....maybe something attatched to the fence so i can 'fold' it back?
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    Looks like such a nice homey place for your chickens! They're really darling! [​IMG]

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