A new way to feed my ducks treats

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  1. My ducks enjoy a bit of scratch and sunflower seed like their chicken buddies, but get crowded out at times. So, today I accidentally threw a bit into one of their water pans and they loved it! The sunflower seeds float and the scratch sinks. No chickens bothered with the treats in the water pan and the ducks had it all to themselves and had a blast! :)
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    Good idea, I'll have to try that. I didn't know ducks could eat sunflower seeds. I ended up with a 4 mo old Black East Indies duck, so far I haven't gotten it a buddy. So, I know nothing about ducks, but somewhere I thought I read not to give seeds to ducks. I'm guessing you have been feeding them to yours for a while with no problems?
  3. hopefully they meant "wild" ducks. As in, it's not good to condition wild ducks to depend on handouts from humans.
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    Oh, my Cayugas LOVE to bill the BOSS out of my hands when they're in their pool, swimming. A bunch of it floats and they chase it around. It's almost as much fun as when I dump peas into their pool.

    I like the BOSS because it's a chicken treat, too, and they know to take it from my hands.

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