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    Apr 29, 2011
    On Saturday I was watching my ducks and looking for nuts in the wooded area along a stream by their hut. When I looked up a pair of mallards were sneeking off from the other 13 ducks and waddling toward the yard and chicken coop. Some time later I headed back to the house, and when I stopped for eggs the duck was in the chicken coop on a nest on the floor and the drake was standing graurd for her. [​IMG] I've seen this duck with a drake (I have 4 mallard drakes and can't tell them apart) off from the flock quite a bit lately. What's up with that? The others all have orgies in the swimming hole, but these guys act like a couple. [​IMG] I think it's cute, but is it normal duck behavior? Last night she and a friend slept in the chicken coop while the others insisted on going to thier hut (I would have rather they all slept with the chickens since I haven't put dry bedding in the hut yet after cleaning it yesterday. Will they leave the flock to fly south? They are all this spring's ducklings, and 6 are 'wild' mallards.

    Also very excited because it was my 1st duck egg...or at least the first I found [​IMG]
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    I've seen ducks only mate with each other and no other ducks. They have preferences just like people. In the cases that I've seen, couples tend to have a male that is very vigilant in keeping the other drakes away and females tended to avoid any other males. I know of at least one couple that has been together for several breeding seasons.
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    I have two Khaki drakes, two Khaki hens, one Magpie drake, and one Magpie hen.

    The Magpies act like an old married couple.

    The Khaki hens do anything and everything to get the Magpie drake's attention. He pretty much ignores them (unless he is in a pen with just the hens and the wading pool). They want nothing to do with the Khaki drakes.

    The Khaki drakes attack anything with feathers...much to the Khaki hens chagrin!
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