a pair of Silkies - 3 months old


9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
I know for sure the gray one is a boy. He has been crowing for about a month now.



The buff one has not crowed yet. Her ears are much lighter color then the boy's ones. Is it safe to assume she is, in fact, a girl?

Wow your silkies are very pretty, although 3 months for a silky is quite young to be crowing, I of course could be wrong but mine are 21 weeks and not one has crowed yet lol!! Unless i have all girls of course!!
I am afraid I wouldn't like to guess what yours are, I don't have the experience yet!!
I know, I was shocked when I realized that my Silkie was the first crower in the flock of 11. I have 5 definite EE roosters, that are a lot more masculine, but they just now, this week, have joined the crowing choir. ;-)

It took me a week to actually see him in an act, and the sound he makes is quite different then EE roosters’. Now, when I have a bunch of crowers, I can tell when the Silkie is crowing vs. one of the EEs. ;-)
I'm really hoping for a buff to be a girl.

According to the internet ticker, that I set up for the chicks when I got them, they are 3 months and a week old. They looked “just hatched” the day we got them. I picked two Silkies from a box of eleven. I’m so excited I may have a pair.
I have never heard of a silkie crowing at 3 months. Standards don't even crow until 4 months (16 weeks) and Silkies tend to take longer then that. A Silkie's crow sounds like it's caught in their throat, it's actually quite comical to listen to until they get the hang of it.
Good luck with the gendering of your birds!
So you say he may be older?

I swear I saw him crow, many many times. In the morning when I leave for work, me and my girls watch him do that. The sound he makes is softer then these percing sounds other roosters make.

Just a few days ago, when I was getting dressed at home we heard a silkie crow (which wasn't anything unusual, he's been doing it for a while). But then I heard another crow and I knew it wasn't Silkie. I said to my daugther - "oh boy, I think we have another crower" and then they both sung in unison! That was the funniest thing ever!
I woul try to get a video, but he only does it in the morning and it's kind of dark at 7 am. Not to mention crows at 5 a.m.

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