A pigeon came to visit me... Anyone lose a white one?


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I was outside earlier today and took a break from whatever I was doing, and on the house roof there was a white pigeon! At first I thought it was wild, but a second look showed me there was a yellow/orange band on it's left leg. I wanted to catch it -- I thought maybe it was lost and I should keep it and post in lost/found somewhere. But I couldn't catch it, and the camera was no where to be found (still can't find it). It was white, pink legs, and just downright gorgeous. It hung out on my roof for a while. I tried coaxing it down with grain and then some cucumber seeds (I have no idea what pigeons eat...
), but it wouldn't come down. Then it flew out past our garden to where the pigs used to be and I followed it, and found it eating stuff off the ground. Then it flew over to the driveway and ate stuff there. Then it flew away, and I thought it was gone, but a few minutes later I saw it in the cow pen. And then it flew away, after circling the field for a while.

Anybody in my area lost a white pigeon? Delaware/Otsego county, or near there? Sorry I couldn't get a picture or catch it...
I must admit I kind of wanted to keep it... But I have no idea what I'd do with a pigeon.


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We have had a few come in our lofts with our birds, we caught the bird and traced their bands and found where they came from who they belonged to and so forth. Some we kept til their owner came and got it, some we left go and some are still here. We live in IN, only 3 miles from the OH line and we have had birds come in from NY, CT, OH and a few others I cant remember now. One guy was so Thankful for us keeping his bird, he offered a reward, some say keep it, kill it or let it go. It all depends on if its a good bird or not. We were up to almost 300 pigeons. We are down to about 150 now. Not as big feed bill now.

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I hope you can!
Thank you for caring about this bird. We need more people like you! I've had several birds come home weeks or even months later (my record is a hen that came in this spring - 7 months gone)...in perfect condition. Someone had them held hostage without contacting me!
Could have been bad intentions, like wanting to break it to the loft and flying it themselves, trying to eliminate competition, and/or wanting to breed it. Or it could have been an accident, not realizing it was with their birds. Or, maybe it was puny when it trapped in their loft and they kept it until it was ready to go home. No idea. I just wish people would let me know so I don't wonder where my birds are!

And yes, occasionally you will run into people who don't want their birds back because they feel as though they aren't worth it. They may even say "kill it". Why on Earth people would want to act that way and cause a bad rep for pigeon racing, I don't know. But trust me, there are so many people who are the complete opposite. Like me, for example. If it ends up too far away to drive, then I may ask you to keep it long enough for me to get the money...but eventually I will have it shipped back home where it belongs. Everyone at my loft deserves a second chance
Whether they have crappy pedigrees or not, I don't care. I love them all. I had a bird get lost and the woman met me to get it back. The bird did a 360 and came home very well after that. Even went on a couple races!

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