A Poem from a Homeschooler Mom who's family just got their first chicks 3 weeks ago

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    Apr 23, 2016
    Scattered books and seeds spread like limbs
    on caring for a clutch -
    Our clutch
    (one for each family member).
    To eventually be
    bearing orbs:
    dark as chocolate,
    dusty as sage,
    and pale as blue moons.
    Beyond my window
    a priceless afternoon
    - Sound Garden.
    Gentle rain waterfall
    falling from one leaf
    to another,
    to another,
    to the window below
    by my daughter
    a medieval costume
    of woolen beard
    and bejeweled gown.
    Two more family voices rise
    from down the hall
    Connected by screens
    And speakers.
    Finding their beds as the sky darkens and their animals multiply.
    My husband's voice through speaker,
    my daughter's accompanied by lyrical clicks
    on lettered pegs.
    This Saturday was
    to be parceled out,
    each person wanted
    in a different home
    or movie house.
    Yet my firm boundaries,
    based on no more than
    a subtle gut,
    Protected these precious hours
    Like a Night's watch,
    So that they might unfold and
    multiply the sweet gifts.
    That is my job,
    Balancing it all:
    the tasks, the expectations,
    the learning, the play dates,
    the events, the shopping,
    the feeding, the desiring,
    the needing, the be-ing...
    And still holding space
    for the breath born of
    the un-scheduled,
    the un-scripted,
    the non-influenced.
    Time when the rain
    becomes sonata,
    A craft becomes
    an aura of solitude,
    The soft words -
    a slow stream of
    father-daughter connection.
    Time to go hold my chick while she still has fuzz.
    Maybe the sound
    will bring a revelry
    of each chick held by owner.
    A magic of time
    protected as fierce
    as a fortress.
    For the heart of every home
    Heralds a Love of Life sworn to protect

    by me J. Deltac
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  2. ChickenLover200

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    May 10, 2013
    I'll be in the barn!
    I'm a homeschooling "kid" :D if I do ever have kids, I'm definitely going to homeschool though :)
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    You mean ur a kid?
  4. ChickenLover200

    ChickenLover200 Overrun With Chickens

    May 10, 2013
    I'll be in the barn!
    Well... a teen :p

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