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12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
Well after my last live bird delievery and having 2 of 3 birds dead upon arrival I was anxious to get my White Wood Duck hen here and into the aviary. Well she made it safe and sound this morning...after spending about a day and a half in shipping. She's already right at home. I will be sure to take some new pics tomorrow of the birds if weather permits. She is a white bird but carries the Silver gene. So when she and my Silver drake mate they will produce...

50% Silver ducklings
50% White split to Silver ducklings

Can't wait for spring!
Wow didn't know there could be white split to silvers. thats awesome. Where did you order her from?
Just checked out mallard lane farms website and they had Apricot male with split to silver apricot hens. Crazy.
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I got her through a breeder I know. He got her from a breeder he knows up in Mass. He picked up 2 for himself and I got the 3rd and last I believe. I can't wait...both colorations of Wood Duck the White and Silver are my favorite. Apricots are nice too much basically look just like a regular colored bird. If we had Apricot Mandarins...get out of my way

This spring my bator will be rockin and rolling with Mandarin and Wood ducklings...and Buff pheasants! Can't wait for spring.
Ive always been a sucker for Silver colored birds no matter what. The silver/lavender coloration often almost go hand in hand. My next purchase is going to be a small flock of Silver/Smokie bobwhite quail. Silver Mandarins would be a stunning bird. The Silver Wood Duck though is just amazing. I really like the Silver/Blue Ringneck pheasants as well. But trying to limit myself to just a small number of birds anymore. Don't want to have as many birds as I have had in the past. Going to stick with the colorations of Mandarin and Wood Duck I have..and my Buff pheasant which are moving up my ladder of favorite ringneck mutations!
hey Sam where in mass , i live in mass and been looking for a good breeder up here that sell wood ducks , can you email his/her name and number thanks.........................................hey where the pic of ur set-up

Thanks Al.
Hey Al sure...Ill send you his number and here are a few pics....Looks a little better now...will look way better next year when i start planting some more things. Trying to keep it as open as possible though.






And 2 White mandarin drakes....2 Reg. hens....and the Silver Woodie drake...he is still going to get a ton of color.

Grass has been going on about 2 months now. It is a mix of oats...and weeds. Will hopefully be able to get it growing again next year...oats are pretty hardy. Should have plenty of weeds and voulenteer oats to keep them busy though. Also have a honey crisp apple planted and a grape vine.

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