A predator got into our coop the other night....


9 Years
Jul 24, 2011
Moriarty, NM
and slaughtered all my chicks. I have 2 left about 6 weeks old. One of them has something wrong with her leg now. She will put it down sometimes, but keeps it pulled up mostly. Any home remedy tricks that I can try?
So sorry
We would need to know more information on your chicks leg. Like can she use that leg at all? Is is swollen? Is it bleeding? Maybe we can help you!
It doesn't appear to be swollen or bleeding. I was out of town due to my best friend's 20 yr old daughter dying and I just got back.....let me see if I can get a picture of it.
Okay....I went out to take a picture and she is walking on it now. She limps occasionally, but seems mostly normal. Looks like it might turn out all right.
Just wanted to say I am sorry..... A hawk came down and got one of my babies the other day- I found the hawk in the baby coop (we taken the top off for the day- the first day ever!) Anyway- I feel your pain.

We did lose one to the dog when we first got chickens and we got another batch from a hatchery- it made everyone feel much better. So you may want to look at who has good stock right now. We got ours from Meyer Hatchery in Ohio- Honestly- I would just do a straight run, as ours were very mixed even tho we ordered sexed.

Sorry..... :-(

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