A question about legal assisted suicide

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    Jul 23, 2008
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    hey guys, so my hubby asked me a question and I dont have much of an answer
    so I thought Id run it by you guys to benefit from various expeiences.

    Basically he was at a dr. apt with his dad and the dr. said he may need
    an opperation on his colon and a colostmy bag. On the way home he told
    him that if that is his only option he would rather just check out (take a bunch of pills)
    For him it doesnt sound like a sad story, more like he would just be done
    with his life at that time. He then said he wouldnt want my hubby any where
    near him at that time because he wouldnt want him to be implicated in any way
    with his suicide.

    My hubby would really like to be there with him when he passes so we looked into
    the laws a bit. We are in WA and it seems they adopted a similar law to Oregon
    which states that if you can get 2 dr. to sign a statement saying you have
    6 mo. to live it is a legal assisted suicide.

    Its hard for us to sift through all the legal mumbo jumbo on the web so Id
    specifically like any info or experience yall have.

    Basically what he really wants to know is - if the dr says you can get an opperation and
    it will extend your life several years, but you dont want that opperation - you just want
    your body to naturally give out when its time, is it likely the dr. will sign a the
    assisted suicide documents saying you have 6 months to live (assuming that without
    the opperation you will pass away within that time). And if you have the appropriate
    signed documents and procedure in place, is it legally safe to have family present.
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    While I am NOT in any way qualified as a medical professional, I never thought a colostomy bag was a death sentence. It sounds as though your FIL is VERY depressed about his situation. Depression would cloud judgment, so I doubt he could get one doctor to sign, much less two.

    I will be praying for him to accept his situation and for your husband and you to be his strength and support.

    Merry Christmas.
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    First of all, he may not have colon cancer. Next if surgery and a colostomy are necessary, very frequently the colostomy can be reversed later. Lots of people diagnosed with and having surgery for colon cancer go on to live long and healthy lives. Try to brighten up his outlook. Nothing of what he has been told is necessarily a death sentence.
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    I think you really should be asking a lawyer and medical professionals when it comes to legalities.
  5. Katy

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    My mom has been living with a colostomy bag because of colon cancer for about 16 years. It is not a death sentence. If she had chosen that route when she was diagnosed she would have missed the births of 9 grandchildren and 6 great-grandkids. She has not let it slow her down and has continued to live a good life. Your father-in-law needs to think about what all he will miss out on and about those who will miss him.
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