A question about preparing venison for the dog


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Nov 9, 2007
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One of DH's fellow officers has promised us all of his venison shoulders from hunting this year for the puppy.
DH has said he will remove the meat from the bones for feeding use and give Jax the bones to gnaw on.
How do I prepare the meat for his feedings? Do I need to cook it?
I know this sounds silly, but do I need to worry about parasites the deer might have had?
my favorite is to cut it in chunks then freeze in meal size packets. Then when its really cold out, boil it with some carrots and make a little stew for the dogs. I usually pour this over their dog food, but they like it straight too.
I feed raw all the time.I dont worry about parasites,,really dogs are pretty gross,they will eat month old dead things they find in the woods..I woudnt chunk it up for him either,,its more natural to let them chew and tear it.
Well, if your DH friends have no problem eating it, I wouldn't worry too much. You can cook it if that gives you peace of mind, but dogs have really tough stomachs. Last winter, my dad shot a deer and his dog chewed on the leftover carcass for weeks
. BUT, his coat was never shinier. He looked great. It's it their nature to eat raw meat.
Give it to the pup a shoulder at a time if you like... He'll make several meals out of it then chew on the bones! Nothin' in the world will make him/her happier!

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