A question for the long time chicken raisers

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    May 9, 2009
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    My question is.......is there any notable difference in the long term health, temperment or habits of a chicken that was raised by a hen from hatch as opposed to a chicken raised in a brooder under a light?

    I hatched out one biddy in an incubator and put one under a broody hen. The next day a couple of others hatched out I put then in the brooder. After a day the chick with the hen was more active, less afraid of me and much fluffier and prettier than the ones in the brooder. I eventually put all of them under the hen. Their appearance all improved.
    In my experience the biddies in a brooder and very easily scared and panic whereas these with the hen then come right up to my hand and peck at it.

    Just curious if anybody has done enough of both to see if the chickens turn out with different temperments and overall health if hen raised.
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    I free range and i know for a fact that chicks raised by a hen here make better rangers than penned raised and what i mean is they will range longer distances in serch of food where as the peened onces i have raise tend to stay around the feeding areas and near by.

    This is just what i have learned about them threw the years ,other folks may have different results.

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