A question on Easter egger chicks


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Jul 26, 2017
I just got 6 Easter eggers chicks from the local feed store. The lady there handed them to my mom because she was just putting them out. When she brought them home I noticed that only one has really puffy cheeks like they should. Is this cause they are a mutt breed and some have more genes then others, or did she give me 5 of the wrong kind?
Honestly I think it depends the bird. I have an Ameraucana and I feel like her puffy cheeks and beard didn't grow in and were not obvious until a bit older. If you know what other breeds were being sold at the time and post pics of your chicks, fellow BYCers can probably help identify them.
I have found out the lady at the shop did'nt pay attention and she just grabbed 6 random chicks lol. got everything straight and now I have 6 EE. thanks for everyones help!

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