A quick question about Silkie x size.

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    I have a little Silkie x EE that is 6 months old. She was somehow put into the last batch of LF chicks I purchased. She is a tiny 1 1/2 lbs. She has a somewhat broad chest and seems to be height/weight proportionate. You might even say she appears a bit chunky. She is so small that I have to break her pellets in half or she chokes on them. She is completely heathy with no signs of failure to thrive.

    Is this normal? Should she be larger? I am worried because my roos are much larger than her. I believe she is about to start laying and the roosters are starting to notice her. She is being kept with other pullets away from roos but she is not happy. She has alway preferred hanging out with the boys.

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    Quote:sometimes you get Runts...[​IMG]
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