A rainbow of chickies! 12+ Easter Egger hatching eggs

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    The picture shown is the actual eggs you'll be getting, plus whatever is laid tomorrow. I usually get 4-8 eggs per day. These eggs are from my mixed laying flock that you can see on my website. The girls include two RIR, one red sex link, one buff Orp, two black Australorp, and multiple EEs. Your hatch will be a rainbow of chicks!

    I just rehomed my EE roo yesterday, so he may be the sire of some chicks from this hatch. The other possible sire is my wheaten Ameraucana.

    They will be shipped Tuesday, January 18th.

    I also have one silver-laced Polish who just started laying. I can include an egg, possibly two, from her if you want one. She's not an everyday layer.

    Feel free to ask any questions. Of course, I must say that I cannot guarantee your hatch rate because of variables out of my control once the eggs leave my hands.

    Thanks for looking!


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