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Jun 23, 2010
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There is a rat who is causing me stress. I want to kill him, but don't know how to without harming any other animals. I live in a suburban neighborhood with neighbors with outside cats and dogs. What is a good trap that only a rat can get into and won't get out? I really don't want to be the neighbor who killed their neighbors pets. Thank you!
Probably just a regular mouse trap with some sort of food that rats like would work. If you do it, keep me posted!
Either a small live trap or a rat snap trap will work. I use a milk crate over my rat snap traps to keep dogs, birds and small daughters out of it while still allowing rodents to gain access to it.

Good luck. I hate rats.
You can build a trap easy enough.
you tube "Bucket mouse trap in action"

Get a 5 gallon bucket
Rod with soda can through the top and bottom
Attache rod to center of bucket
Put peanut butter on can
lean a board from ground to top of bucket
Fill bucket 3/4 full of water
rat will walk up ramp and try to get to peanunt butter
when crossing the rod to get on the can he will
then fall off the spinning can into the water.

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