a real cheap coop

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  1. duramax65diesel

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    Jan 24, 2014
    does anyone no of a really cheap coop i was thinking making out of aluminum sheets or somthing it will last longer
  2. ChickensAreSweet

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    Some people have made coops out of free pallets...you can do a quick search on BYC to see some if you wish.

    Only 1/2 inch hardware cloth is predator proof for the windows...don't use chicken wire for protection of chickens.
  3. misbhaven

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    Jan 14, 2014

    this is a picture of a converted dog kennel.. we had it heavy welded wire attach to a 4 by 5 x f high coop also can be built for about $100[​IMG][​IMG]

    side view the back opens up to get to the nest boxes easily the cheap light fixture was added because of the horrible cold spell we have had lately it is wired to a female plug this one is not finished yet bit easier to get pictures of. the sides that attaches to the kennel has a hinged door for cleaningand attaches with bolts so can be moved if needed but heavy. depends on what predators you have around and how many chickens you have or will have. below is a pictore of an a frame style we built movable but no light...predatores aren't really a big issue for me the coyates can smell and hear my big male Saint..kind of funny you will see them way off in the field he barks and they run away..[​IMG]

    the a frame is 6 feet long 4 ft wide and 4ft high...easy to build for about 100. and i live 1000 feet from a grain company big silo so coons etc would rather go there an get free food than bother with my chickens and rabbits the have a buffet of rats and corn that they don't have to work for.

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