A report on our Golden Freedom Rangers

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    Jun 4, 2008
    My husband and I have learned so much by lurking on this forum the last few months we wanted to share the results of our Golden Freedom Ranger raising project. We received 52 of the Golden Rangers on May 2. Must have had a rough trip as we lost 6 within 36 hours. We lost another to a "dog incident" and one more to a pileup one night. So 44 plump little chicks were moved outside to a 6x8 coop with a 10x16 outside covered enclosure. They were quite active, alot of running around and hopping up and down, flapping their wings like they were really going to fly(which they never did) They were lots of fun to watch as they grew. We processed the first 24 (mostly males) at 65 days old. Their ave. live wt.was 5.58lbs, ave. dressed wt was 3.84lbs yielding 68.8% less the necks, giblets etc. The last 20 (all pullets but one were processed at 79 days old. Their ave. live wt. was 5.42lbs, ave. dressed wt. was 3.78lbs yielding 69.9% They are delicious! The breast on these birds is not as wide as cornish x but is longer and deeper. Our neighbor raises the white cornishx and I have done her chores many times. I could not bring myself to raise the pathetic naked eating machines that she has. At least the Rangers acted like chickens. We will certainly be raising more of the Color Range Broilers from JM Hatchery next year. Happy Eating, Beth
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    Jul 19, 2008
    deming new mexico
    wow mite have to give those try they sound like a good option [​IMG]
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    Apr 20, 2008
    I have 15 1.5 week old color range broilers from JM and so far I am really happy with them. Glad to hear they finish out nicely, too!

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