A rough draft of my poultry barn (Dimensions only)

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    I'm planning to get a huge poultry amount in the future and here is a rough draft of my poultry barn with dimensions
    Sorry the writing is so small. And I'm still considering adding pheasants and/or guinea fowl, so I'd have to make room for them. And that emu area shown is just the shelter, not the free range area, regardless of what I accidently wrote down. and the whole long rectangle is the shelter, the thicker and smaller rectangle is where my huge barn doors will be.

    A reminder, just click on the picture to get a good view of it. And sorry it's not very good, I just made it on paint. I don't know anywhere to make a rough blueprint on stuff like this.
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    How many birds are you planning on putting in those areas? Won't the 10x10 only fit like 2 each of those larger birds like turkeys and geese? Are there runs outside, or is this their entire space?

    What is all the free space in the middle?

    Why so many breeds?
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    Jul 8, 2012
    North Dakota
    The 10x10 goose pens are for pairs of geese. The muscovy pen will hold 6 ducks. The 10x10 turkey pens will hold 2 turkeys. The 15x10 turkey pen will hold 3 turkeys. The 20x10 pen will hold peafowl and it will be divided if neccesary if I get excess males. The 20x20 chicken coop will hold 55 chickens. My 30x17 duck pen will hold 42 ducks (all ducks beside Muscovy) and my 2 african geese (their protectors). The 10x20 swan area will hold 2 swans, but I'm still researching that part. The 10x15 water/feed/electricity area is just what it says it is. It will be a shed where I keep the feed, water hydrant, and the fusebox. There will still be oulets in the pens as well. The 10x60 emu pen is going to be the emus shelter. That is in the barn. Outside their barn shelter will be the emus fenced in free range area. I am missing a couple of things. I might need a couple guinea fowl pens and phesant pens. What I really would like to put in their would be a brooder for baby chicks. Now back to your questions. The free space in the middle will probably just have their feeders and waterers (which I will need alot of because I'm getting so many waterfowl). I get a variety of breeds just because I want too. I wanted African, so I got grey and buff African. I wanted Toulouse, so I'm getting a Large Dewlap Toulouse. I wanted some Sebastopols, so I'm getting 2 buff and 2 white. I wanted a cool color, so I got the American Blue. I really like Canada Geese, so I am getting 4 of them. I'm not going to go all over the ducks and chickens, that would just be too much time. I will say that I am getting 10 Buff Orpington Hens because I really like them.
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    Jul 8, 2012
    North Dakota
    Here is everything I'm planning if you care. Sorry for the messiness, it looks much better on word

    My Future Poultry Number and Breeds
    Chickens Total Number: 50 hens, 5 Roos
    Buff Orpington Hen 10
    Black Australorp Hen 3
    Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen 2
    Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen 2
    Rhode Island Red Hen 2
    New Hampshire Hen 3
    Easter Egger Hen 2
    Blue Cochin Hen 2
    Barred Plymouth Rock Hen 2
    White Leghorn Hen 2
    Partridge Plymouth Rock Hen 2
    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Hen 2
    Speckled Sussex Hen 2
    White Jersey Giant Hen 2
    White Orpington Hen 2
    Black Jersey Giant Hen 2
    Delaware Hen 2
    Buckeye Hen 2
    Welsummer Hen 2
    Buff Wyandotte Hen 1
    Buff Plymouth Rock Hen 1
    Buff Orpington Rooster 1
    New Hampshire Rooster 1
    Rhode Island Red Rooster 1
    Delaware Rooster 1
    Black Jersey Giant Rooster 1
    Ducks Total Number: 36 Ducks, 12 Drakes
    Buff Orpington Drake 1
    Buff Orpington Duck 2
    Khaki Campbell Drake 1
    Khaki Campbell Duck 2
    Rouen Drake 1
    Rouen Duck 2
    Mallard Drake 1
    Mallard Duck 2
    Welsh Harlequin Drake 1
    Welsh Harlequin Duck 2

    Dutch Hook Bill Duck 2
    Saxony Duck 2
    Assorted Penciled Runners 2
    Black and White Pied Muscovy Drake1
    Black and White Pied Muscovy Duck 1
    Blue and White Pied Muscovy Drake 1
    Blue and White Pied Muscovy Duck 1
    Chocolate Muscovy Drake 1
    Chocolate Muscovy Duck 1
    Fawn and White Runner Drake 1
    Fawn & White Runner Duck 2
    Chocolate Runner Duck 2
    Blue Runner Duck 2
    Black Runner Duck 2
    Pekin Duck 4
    Jumbo Pekin Duck 2
    Blue Swedish Duck 2
    Black Swedish Duck 2
    Cayuga Duck 2

    Geese Total Number: 8 Geese, 8 Ganders
    African Gander 1
    African Goose 1
    Sebastopol Gander 1
    Sebastopol Goose 1
    Large Dewlap Buff African Gander 1
    Large Dewlap Buff African Goose 1
    American Blue Gander 1
    American Blue Goose 1
    Buff Sebastopol Gander 1
    Buff Sebastopol Goose 1
    Giant Dewlap Toulouse Gander 1
    Giant Dewlap Toulouse Goose 1
    Canada Geese (Straight Run) 4
    Turkeys Total Number: 15 (Straight Run)

    Jersey Buff Turkey 3
    Chocolate Turkey 2
    Slate & Self Blue 2
    Black Winged Bronze 2
    White Holland Turkey 2
    Lilac Turkey 2
    Black Turkey 2
    Peafowl Total Number: 5 (Straight Run)

    Cackle Hatchery Choice Peafowl 5
    Swans Total Number: 2 (1 Pair)

    3-4 Year Old Australian Black Swans 2
    Emu Total Number: 2 (1 Pair)
    Standard Emus 2

    I have no idea why the ducks, geese, and some turkeys have italics and why some of the things are bolded. As I said, it looks much better on word.
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