A rumor, a good idea, and a happy ending for my chicks

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by bryan99705, May 17, 2011.

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    I was told by a guy who had tried raising several batches of turkeys, a couple weeks apart, that it doesn't work. As he introduced each new batch, the older turkeys were beating the younger ones up and killing them because they were not all raised together. I was concerned about this when I had several chicks, all in the same batch, start getting butt pecked by the others (1 died). I needed to separate them but did not want to move them out of the small coop they were sharing and possibly have them ganged up on when they were reintruduced to the flock.

    I took a roll of 1/2" hardware cloth 24 X 60 and made a round "hospital area" for the injured bird within the coop where they still saw the healthy birds, shared the same heat lamp and could sleep next to the other birds. After a few days of nursing and adding some limbs and branches to explore thru, I was able to reintroduce the birds to the flock and it was like they never left, all was good. I did wind up debeaking to stop the pecking issue but everyone is happy and healthy. I'm now looking out at 42 degree morning and can see 10 chicks, one month old racing around outside in their enclosed yard chasing bugs and trying to fly. A turkey chick's life, no doubt

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