A sad day indeed...


8 Years
Oct 6, 2011
I let one of my girls sit in two eggs. She has been doing a great job for 5 days, today the other hens decided to lay their egg in the same nest, well momma grab them and happily kept them warm, when I did my morming collecting, I accidentally took one of her eggs, which I had marked with the date...in the process of putting it back it slipped off my hand and cracked open...my heart broke into little pieces as I saw what could have been my first chick...

Aw! I cracked one of mine, but never actually broke one. I did kill 52 eggs, thanks to a faulty LG incubator, several power outages and many days of spiked 97+ degree summer days.

On the other hand, no offense, but it's kind of cool to see what a chick looks like on day 5. I wondered what that black spot was when I candled my eggs on day 7...
I had the same thing happen except the eggs got broken by my special roo what was half blind and deaf and he got freaked out by a storm and started freaking out and flying and hoping everywhere and he knocked the nest over while I was getting things ready so i could move her nest it's heartbreaking but a good teaching moment I showed my daughter and she thought it was a very cool thing to see.

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