A sad story with a happy ending!!!

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Jan 14, 2009
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My DD and her family had a pitbull that was 4 years old. She was a good dog, but was wild on the leash and the GDs had their work cut out for them when they walked her because she was so head strong. She would escape occasionally but always came home after a little while of being "on the run". To make a long story short, SIL walked out on DD and two GD for his brother's wife. Not a good 2009 let me tell you. The dog was fine, but DD was almost desititute and feeding her became a chore, and we helped as much as we could, since SIL wouldn't budge with a dime for any of them. . .anyway, one time while DD was working and GD were in school, doggy broke her collar and escaped. She was gone for days and we were sure she had been hit on the highway, but come to find out she was taken to the no kill shelter. DD was devastated, as were the girls, but we weren't in a position to take her, as we have 5 of our own, and she wouldn't fit in here because of too many animals, as she wants to be the Alpha dog. After Xmas, DD just happened to see in the local newspaper that "MERRY" was up for adoption at the local shelter. She was torn between going to get her and knowing that she really couldn't afford her, so was trying to make the decision, when the paper ran a story a little later saying how a family from one of the northern states had seen Merry online, adopted her and had her flown to their home. She now has her own bed, food to eat and a big yard to run in. . . .we were so happy to hear this, and so sad at the same time, as we all loved her and hated that she ended up this in the shelter. But, this is one story had really did have a happy ending!!!


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Oct 1, 2007
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That's a great story.. so glad it worked out.
for dd and gd.. what a hard year.

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