***~***A Screech of Fury***~***A Bobcat and Wolf RP

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    A large Bobcat and a massive black Shewolf sat on top of more then a 50 foot tall rock, with BobCats and Wolves below.The Shecreatures waited patiently as the Alpha Males talked, and they padded up to join there mates."Let the gathering BEGIN!"The pure black Shewolf howled.The Shecat glared at the Wolves,"I, as the leader of ShadowClan, declair War with Fire Pack!"She snarled, glaring at the wolves.The great Shewolf stood up,"And for what reason?"she snarled back."Prey Stealers!Kit murders!"The Shecat snarled.As the clouds covered the moon, The Shewolf growled,"This gathering, is over"she snarled before racing Away, her Pack behind her.

    The Clan of Bobcats, ShadowClan, have declared war with the Pack of wolves, Fire Pack.ShadowClan accuses Fire Pack of being Prey Stealers and Kit Murderers.But Fire Pack accuses them of the same.Will peace ever come?Will the prophecy come true?Or will it all fail?

    When Shadow Lily falls, and when the Shadow Crow flies, the Fire Nettle will rise.But when Shadow Lion roars, And Raven calls, Only Deer will follow, leaving all to fall..

    When Shadow Lily fall, and when the Shadow Crow flies, The Fire Nettle will Rise=Lilypaw from ShadowClan and Crowpaw from ShadowClan and Nettleclaw from FirePack.Get the catch?When Shadow Lily falls.

    But when Shadow Lion Roars, And Raven calls, Only Deer will follow, leaving all to fall=Lionpaw and Ravenpaw from ShadowClan and Deerclaw from Fire Pack.

    I need some one to be Deerclaw, for, Fire Pack.And someone from ShadowClan to be Lionpaw.

    So what does your profhecy mean?:Lilypaw from ShadowClan is Crowpaws crush, but she ends up dying, but As Crowpaw morns, he has no clue what this profhecy mean.Nettleclaw, a Fire Pack apprentice just became a Healer, but she was a rouge bobcat as a kit, and she was accepted into Fire Pack, and Crowpaw and her have a secret crush across the border.(I'm Lilypaw, Crowpaw and Nettleclaw)but I'm not going to explain the rest, for it needs to be RPed out.

    But I need someone to be a Traine from Fire Pack and her name needs to be Deerclaw.I also need someone to be Lionpaw from ShadowClan, but he has to have a crush on Ravenpaw (wink wink)

    Clans and Packs

    ShadowClan:The Clan of Bobcats.They live across the stream by the river in the dense rocks and weeds.

    Camp:Mixed up in the Rocks and Weeds and Reeds among the river.

    Fire Pack:The pack of Wolves, the live in the dense forest.

    Camp:Inside a huge cave with holes, each hole is a tunnel witch opens up into a large den, each hole/tunnel is for different ranks.

    Naming and Ranking
    Kits:All Bobcats under the age of 8 moons are called Kits.They End in the prefix Kit, such as:Crowkit, Blackkit.many in the Clan

    Apprentices:All BobCats over the age of 8 moons are called Apprentcies.They end in the prefix Paw, such as:Crowpaw, Blackpaw.many in the Clan

    Hunters and Warriors:All bobcats over the age of 11 moons are called Hunters or Warriors, The bobcats decided what want to be, a Hunter or a Warrior.They end in

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