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    Oct 13, 2011
    Okay as i have posted before I just got a new flock to add to my existing flock. We were not supposed to get a rooster but we ended up with one anyway. So far he does not seem to be aggressive. I believe he is only 7-8 months old tho. Will he get aggressive later on? I have kids and i dont want them hurt by him. Another question is my children play with the orginal hens and when anyone walks up the hens "squat" that is why the kids can pick them up will having the rooster around now make them stop doing that? Will the rooster tear up their feathers when he mates them? These orignal hens are our pets and i dont want their behavior to change at all and i dont want the feathers torn up due to being mated. I realize i may be totally off and be asking some silly quesitons here but as i have said i have never had a rooster before and really dont know what to expect. I may give him away but if i decide to keep him what should i expect? Thanks so much!
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    Quote:My answers are in parenthesis above, sorry to sound mean, but research is what one does before accepting new animals into an existing situation. It's not the male, it's a whole new flock added to an existing one- it will change the behaviors as a new 'pecking order' is established- having the rooster will make it easier for the hens as when he's mature he should automatically be top chicken. Many times I was lucky in not using good QT procedures- but it only takes once... one bird with one disease to kill your whole flock- many people don't know this.

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