A Songbird Roleplay. *Restarted!!!*

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    Oct 4, 2013
    Welcome to My Songbird Roleplay[​IMG][​IMG]
    You are a songbird. You live in a flock, or a pair, or you are a solitary bird. You have to wake at the crack of dawn to find food, in the spring you find a mate, and in the summer you build a nest.


    [​IMG] What I say goes.
    [​IMG] There are several flocks for each breed of songbird.
    [​IMG] Please do not rp until I say so.
    [​IMG] Anyone can join.
    [​IMG] All BYC rules apply.
    [​IMG] No cursing.
    [​IMG] Have fun!

    Cardinal Flocks:

    Cardinals live in pairs; one male and one female. They meet up at a young age and live together for the rest of their life. they eat insects and seeds, especially sunflower seeds.
    male: [​IMG]
    female: [​IMG]

    Oriole Flocks:

    Orioles live in flocks ( about 10-20 birds). They eat flower nectar, fruit, and insects.
    male: [​IMG]
    female: [​IMG]

    Goldfinch Flocks:

    Goldfinches live in large flocks ( 15-30) and eat nyjer seed, sunflower seeds, and millet.
    male: [​IMG]
    female: [​IMG]

    Green-throated Warbler Flocks:

    These warblers live in small flocks ( 10-15) and eat insects,bugs,and beetles.
    male: [​IMG]
    female: [​IMG]

    Blue Jay Flocks:

    Blue jays live in small flocks ( 4-8) and eat insects, corn, suet and seeds. There will be an even number of males and females.
    adult blue jay: [​IMG]

    Purple Martin Flocks:

    Purple Martins are extremely sociable, making their nests next to lakes and ponds. There flocks are 20-30 birds. They eat insects and bugs.
    male: [​IMG]
    female: [​IMG]


    Flock or pair:

    ~~~ The Flocks and Pairs ~~~

    Cardinal Pair #1: Razzmatazz (ChicknsRock) and Bella (Bluebee)
    Oriole Flock:
    Flock Leaders: Olson (StarrNico) and Olga (ChicknsRock)
    Flock Members: Orchre (CHICKEN CRAZY1) Altitude (CHICKEN CRAZY1) Chortle (CHICKEN CRAZY1) Trill (CHICKEN CRAZY1) Orchid (ChicknsRock) Helio (ChicknsRock) Chirpy (ChicknsRock) Devon (ChicknsRock)
    Goldfinch Flock:
    Flock Leaders: Goldy (Perfect Polish) Tweet (roostersandhens)
    Flock Members: Silvia (ChicknsRock)
    Green-throated Warbler Flock:
    Flock Leader: Garbanzo (roostersandhens) Gabby (CHICKEN CRAZY1)
    Flock Members: Lukiet (Perfect Polish) Fluffy (CHICKEN CRAZY1) Twitter (CHICKEN CRAZY1) Flit (CHICKEN CRAZY1) Pipsqueak (CHICKEN CRAZY1) Patrice (ChicknsRock) Flora (ChicknsRock) Poppy Seed (ChicknsRock) Floyd (ChicknsRock)
    Blue Jay Flock:
    Flock Leaders: Bluey (ChicknsRock) Zena (Darth Layer)
    Flock Members: Arvo (Dusty Dawgy) Navy (ChicknsRock)
    Purple Martin Flock:
    Flock Leaders: Sky (roostersandhens) Alexis (StarrNico)
    Flock Members: Marlie (CHICKEN CRAY1) Azile (CHICKEN CRAZY1) General (CHICKEN CRAZY1) Sweetie (CHICKEN CRAZY1) Marcher (ChicknsRock) Gladys (ChicknsRock) Bay (ChicknsRock)
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    Oct 4, 2013
    Marcher flew around in the sky.

    Bay landed on one of the bird houses.

    Silvia sang.

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