A Special Award!!!


In the Brooder
Sep 4, 2019
Today is my 1 week anniversary as a member of BackYard Chickens.com! When I saw this recognition posted on the website, the first thing I thought of was the Dad on the "Christmas Story" movie that is played repeatedly at Christmas time. Remember? He receives the special award that turns out to be a sexy, illuminating female leg lamp that he proudly displays in the front picture window of their house. He is so proud, and so am I! Thinking I will probably get some points for my award. But wouldn't it be neat if I received a "Why did the chicken cross the road?" plaque? Or, the mounted head of an unlucky, chicken-eating coyote? Or, maybe a 50# bag of chicken feed? Maybe I ought to just be glad that I get to belong to a great organization like Backyard Chickens, and leave it at that? That's probably for the best. Anyway, thanks for the recognition everyone! You all have a good day and many blessings to your feathered friends.

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