A Story About A Horse

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    The herd traveled swiftly through the valley, they had to make it to the Gathering by sunfall or they would be marked as an unknown herd until the next year, yet they had to go slow for they had a few foals who couldn't run as fast as the others, Lau and Nyke were two of the five foals. "I'm tired!" Lau cried trotting next to Nyke. "We have to keep going! If we don't we might get lost." The lead stallion, Gryffi, whinnied and the herd came to a stop. "We have arrived at the Gathering, keep the foals in the center as we approach the other herds!" The mares shifted and Lau found himself squished between Kari, his mom, and Niche, another one of the fillies in the herd. Nyke was in the middle of the foals and seemed rather unhappy about it, as they approached the Gathering, he watched as horses of all colors and sizes and breeds turned to stare at them, then suddenly, they stopped. "You've barely made it, Gryffi." Lau heard a horse say, "I apologize, we have some foals in the herd and we needed to travel slowly so they wouldn't get lost." Lau heard Nyke snort and grinned. "Nyke! Hush!" Kari said glaring at the filly, Nyke giggled and went silent. After a few moments and hushed words that Lau couldn't hear no matter how much he strained his ears, the mares moved so the foals go and play.

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