A story of two roosters

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    I'm fairly new to chicken keeping and have had a few roosters. Some were nice, some not so much.

    Presently, I have 2 separate pens of a mixed lot of egg layers. Pee Wee is the rooster over the ones I let free range because they are larger, older and more aware of their surroundings. All 12 ladies love Pee WEE, a handsome red barred/mottled naked neck/bantam cross with a jaunty large rose comb. He is an excellent protector and gentle with his girls. As a male, he is charming, polite and obviously a good "dancer".

    Then there is Calico. He is a large, absolutely stunning splash marans/welsummer/true ameraucana olive egger. He presides over the younger pen of pullets. All I can say for him, besides the fact he makes beautiful babies, is that he is a caveman with absolutely NO finesse. His idea of charming the girls is to charge after them, pin them down squawking and not even a "Thank you m'am". He reminds me of the nursery rhyme "Georgie Porgie
    pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry". Truthfully, when Pee Wee and he meet he DOES run away even though he is 3 X Pee Wee's size. He is not aggressive and lives harmoniously with a much smaller, docile Polish rooster.
    My question:
    Will he develop some manners (he is about a year old) or will he be a boorish rapist all his life?

    I love my chickens! [​IMG]
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    I don't know that Calico will ever be the gentleman that PeeWee is, but his hormones will probably calm down some. Roosters can be awfully boorish at a year old.
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    I agree with you. Your roosters sound like such characters! Enjoy!

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