a strange rooster situation.

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    this may be hard to explain, but we want our rooster BACK! [​IMG] last saturday night, a fox got into my coop of silkies and got my one-legged special needs chicken Gimpy, who was only born in April and her brother Teddy the rooster who fought off the fox from getting the other hens. feathers everywhere [​IMG] . the fox also broke the neck of another one of my young chickens, Poe. she lived to about tuesday, when i was giving her water with asprin in it and she sneezed, the shock or something from her neck probably reached her back causing her to have a siezure and die. in my hands. the thing is, Poe hatched in my hands, too. she was such a sweetheart [​IMG] so three of my four babies born in april are gone, leaving me with 5 hens, 4 older girls and one pullet. and since one of them that died was a rooster my parents made me get rid of our other rooster, the one we've had for years, Junk. but we just happened to give him away a few hours before the accident, not expecting a fox to come eat up our chickens. My neighbor stopped by and asked us if she wanted to give her our rooster to bring down the street to my dad's friend's house because he was loud, and we agreed thinking he was going to a good home. my dad's friend has lots of chickens and a huge farm and everything. but turns out she doesnt have any chickens anymore, and my neighbor left my sweetie rooster Junk in the sheep pen. thats right, she threw him in the SHEEP pen. [​IMG] like, who does that? but this was all last week. today i went to the farm to help this lady out with her animals and to see Junk, but when i get there i found out she didnt have any chickens, and that Junk wondered off because he was never put into the duck pen, where he was supposed to go, so he has no sense of where 'home' is anymore. the neighbors moved some where and they used to have chickens that were there about a month ago, but they left their coop and took their chickens, so i found out he had been sitting on top of their coop crowing all the time. he must have found the evidence of hens once being there. other houses on that road could have chickens, and today i went out searching for him but couldnt fnd him. apparently he comes back to the farm to eat, but doesnt sleep there. I'm so lost in al lthis mess, and I just want my baby Junk back! should I put up a 'LOST ROOSTER, *PHOTO* CALL *NUMBER* -DO NOT APPROACH, TENDS TO ATTACKS UNKNOWN PEOPLE-' poster? keep looking? should i get his favorite hen, leave her in the duck coop at the farm, and see if he stays with her? Im seriously freaking out, I loved him so much and i thought he was going to a good place. AAH! what to do??
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    sooooooo sorry !!Hope you get your rooster back quickly and he's okay.........what a sad story .

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