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Apr 21, 2007
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I was hatching a batch of eggs and had 24 in the hatcher. I was down to the last 5 eggs 2 were pipped already and everything was going good. My DH and I left for a few hours to go do some shopping. When we got back I went to check the hatcher and see if any chicks had made it out yet.

When I looked in the temp had jumped to 106! One of the chicks had made it out of the egg and was in a corner trying to get out of the heat. The other egg had zipped about 2 inches and the chick was stuck in the egg. I pulled out the egg and the chick was alive and peeping at the top of it lungs. It was cemented in the egg, all the membrane had dried up around it. My first thought was to cull the poor thing, part of one leg looked like it was burned. It was crying and trying to get out. I decided to try and help it instead.

I slowly started removing the shell a little at a time and using a warm wet towel to try and loosen the membrane. I finally got the little fellow out but the fluids from the egg had harden on him and he wouldn't fluff up. I ended up washing him 3 times in a weak detergent solution to get the gunk off of him. One of his legs had a burn on it and I was concerned that he might be blind. A week later you can't even tell he went thru this ordeal to come into this world. So now I give you French Fry.

Tom from Ditchingham

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Mar 5, 2009
Great story , and pic! Take a look at my website to hear of some more chicken survival stories, hope you enjoy and thanks for sharing!

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