A Tear to my eye!!!


9 Years
Sep 12, 2010
West "By God" Monroe, La
As most of you know, I raise chickens, and have a ton in the incubator right now... I have been wanting some ducks, but haven't been able to broach the topic. Well yesterday my 16 year old son had to go to TSC and of course they had chick days (DAZE) going on. I was drooling over the fuzz butts, but also knew that I had 2 incubators hatching out this weekend, and another scheduled to hatch next week. They had some ducks as well and I played with a few. Got what I needed and went back to the truck. My son rejoins me and low and behold he comes out with a little box. Oh great more chickens
lol.. but to my suprise, he had bought him and his girlfriend a duck each. ( I love it when our kids whom are introduced to Gods creatures share our desire to raise them)

So we made it home, and the wife saw them... Didn't take 5 minutes she flew to TSC and got 2 more ducks... So... we now have 3 Mallards and 1 Campbell Khaki!

We were at TSC tonight. They were out of ducks. Not that I'd be buying them there since they are random mix and sex and I'm picky, but I wanted to play with little itty bitty ducklings.

Congrants on your new additions.
How sweet, I hope your son and his girl friend enjoy raising their new babies ,and you and you wife as well. I think kids growing up around animals can often be a little different, more caring and nurturing. Congratulations on getting your ducks anyway.
I wish my TSC selled ducks and chicks in these months it's only from a week before Easter then 5 days after easter then we have to wait till next year:C. AND YOUR TSC HAS KHAKI CAMPBELLS!!!!!!!!

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