A thank you!


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
To all who have posted here, and posted links here, and for all the information this site has to offer! I updated an old post already, but just wanted to say again and it seemed appropriate to do so here as the topic applies...THANKS THANKS AND THANKS!!!

We processed our first turkey - my first time as an adult doing this - and without the info from here, it wouldn't have happened. DH claims he knows what he is doing, but I also checked, and he spent 2 days surfing this site and the links people provide to do this. When I get the pics uploaded I will post them. It is different from hunting, but not that bad.

Now off to rearrange the fridge so the bird can rest!

THANKS AGAIN TO THIS WHOLE COMMUNITY!!!! (DH may just get his meatie birds now

Sunny Side Up

Count your many blessings...
11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Loxahatchee, Florida
Think about how common this was not too many years ago in most parts of our country, how common this is still in many parts of the world. That's another community I am pleased to be a part of. Learning to process my own poultry for my family's table has really made me feel empowered, knowing I have mastered this basic human survival skill.

Enjoy your turkey!

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