A) The short life of Peeps, the gutsy 4 day old WC Polish chick. & B) a drunken X-boyfriend kills 2

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    My brooder had busted and there were no broody hens available this time so as soon as she was born "Peeps" has only known me and my dogs. I was finding it very difficult to get certain things done as she and I had bonded and she didn't like me leaving her alone. Unfortunately, the other eggs haven't hatched ..hopefully, yet. Peeps and my dogs bonded as well. Both are very paternal but I watch them carefully anyway, as they want to play with her but only with a gentle nudge. An over-sized Chihuahua, Mofi, and a Chinese Crested Puffer, Opi. Peeps is only as big as two of their paws and only 4 days old! Earlier today, a Black Polish/Silkie-X, Blackie, decided to peck at Peeps. Fortunately, missed each time. Peeps to my surprise, after each attempted peck, she would zoom in twoards Blackie, dashing in to give her a peck in return and dash back out again. What guts! Peeps is only just a fraction smaller than Blackie's head! ..........................................................

    Peeps just died. I had left her in her box with a small dish of food and water. I had extended the sides as she was managing to jump out by climbing the furry toy dog I use to keep her warm besides the light. She.hates not being with me and will peep cotinuously until I return. She might've been alright if she had another chick for companionship. Anyway, Peeps had fallen into her water dish & got wet all over. it wasn't deep enough for her to drown in it. I found her a few inches away from her water dish lying still on her side just in front of the fluffy toy. She was cold but breathing.

    Quickly, I grabbed her and rubbed her down with a soft hand towel and massaged her little body all over. I breathed hot air on her little body with an open mouth. She started peeping at me! There was hope! But, she was doing that sudden opening of her beak as if she was having trouble breathing. I've seen that before and knew that it wasn't a good sign. Nevertheless, I repeated the above severaltimes whilst I searched for a stronger light globe. Then, put her on a fluffy dog rug on my bed so I could keep an eye on her, pushed it up around her and put the lamp on it's side with the globe facing as close as I dared. At one point she stood up and wonkily tried to climb the wall of the fluffy blanket. Then, laid against it. The dogs had been watching looking concerned and earlier kept wanting to lick her but, of course, I wanted to keep her dry! To my surprise, Mofi came over and gently pushed up the edges of the blanket like he saw me do! Woah! You're a clever dog, Mofi!

    So, there lies little Peeps in front of the lamp still. I know he or she is gone but I'm too upset to move her yet. I keep touching her or give her a little stroke to see if I'm wrong. That maybe she would suddenly start breathing again. Silly me!

    Peeps, only 4 days old, has stolen my heart. In a way, she reminds me of a budgie I once had for about 5 years. Rainbow was only slightly larger than Peeps. Wthen she died after being egg bound. I did manage to slowly entice the egg out the day before but she was either internally damaged or still in shock or both. I held her in my hands and cried for her as well. That tiny little thing in my hand, so full of character and personality, had stolen my heart. Just like Peeps has.

    Goodbye, my little friend. Until we meet again.

    Mummy loves you.

    If anyone has any suggestions about what else I could have done, let me know please. Just in case I find myself in the same situation again or it even might help someone else. Though I will use water drippers (similar to the ones used by guinea pigs) from now on, so the problem shouldn't occur again.

    BTW, I couldn't use my brooder as it was at my X-boyfriend's place and he won't talk to me. Why? He had gone back heavily into drinking again and I said that I would help him continue to put the rest of the shade cloth up but that I couldn't work with him unless he was sober. He just flipped out!!! He said, "That's it! You don't call me a drunk! You can come over and get your f......g chickens!" and hung up. When he rang back and said that he would start "culling" my Roosters if I didn't come over immediately. I was in shock! Nah! Surely not! A few minutes later, he rang back saying he had "culled" four of my Roosters and if I didn't come right away, he would start culling the chickens as well! I was in complete shock! Knowing his past history, I was too afraid to go there. I never liked the way he culled Roosters so I learnt how to do it myself through research on the Internet and combined a few techniques to ensure that it was done humanely and without the chickens' knowledge. There are Cock Fighting groups over here and I didn't want anyone like that getting hold of any of my Roosters so they could be torn to pieces! Anyway, of course, I called the Police. Long story short, he had killed two of my Roosters. One was left. If there hd been a fourth, it would have been one of my breeder Roosters who I had tamed & got really close to. Admittedly, the ones he killed were possibly going to be "culled" but I wanted to see if I could find homes for them first. The horror that goes through my mind is him killing the poor Roosters in a heavily drunken state which means that the "culling" would incur further misses or part misses with the poor creature knowing what was coming! Sends shivers down my spine! What sort of creature does that!

    I hadn't had a boyfriend in donkey's years! Talk about a bad choice! Huh!? So much for his declaration of how much he loves chooks!

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    I'm so so sorry for the loss of your baby.it brought tears to my eyes! I am not sure what you could have done except maybe put some marbles into the water bowl to make it more shallow...sounds like it was just a accident..As for your boy friend, don't get me started! Sounds like you are far better off without him.i completely understand what it's like to live with a alcoholic. My EX husband was one and trust me that's no life for you! ! You can NOT reason with a drunk person and it will end up making you feel crazy trying too.please trust me on this. You are better off with out him. And never let him near your animals again.. Such a awful sad story.if you ever need to talk just message me I'll be here for you. I'm so sorry for the loss of your pet.as for the boyfriend sounds like he's better off gone. Hope this helps and again I'm very very sorry about your baby.. :(
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    My heartfelt condolences,it is always devastating when our beloved pet die. Does not matter how long we have had them,love knows no time frame. The world has gained one more precious chicken angel to look after all the rest. Bury her somewhere beautiful,for she will always be your baby Peeps and will look after you for all eternity.

    For water safety measures,place stones in water bowl(chicks will drink around/between stones) so that in the event they fall in,they will not drown.

    Please say you are rid of the disgusting/worthless piece of human garbage ex boyfriend for good! You deserve better and i guarantee that someone who is brutal/abusive to animals,is someone to stay far away from as it is only a matter of time before he takes it out on you! You deserve better for yourself and your chicken children,do not let your roosters deaths have been in vain,they died so you could see his "true" nature.

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    Hi, Realsis and Mia,

    Sorry for not having checked whether anyone had left a message. I just didn't think! Maybe I hadn't ticked the Get Notified box.Bless you both for your kind words. In both areas. [​IMG]

    I did have to stay in contact with my X-boyfriend as I had some chickens and some belongings at his place. It took some doing trying to organise a trailer as he has my new secondhand fridge there as well. Reason being, it was to replace my old fridge which I was going to sell as it was just too big for me alone, and he offered to keep my new one at his place until I sold mine. What is amazing, is that he carried on as if nothing was wrong and nothing had happened! i.e. when he was sober! Our relationship started when he swore off booze to be with me. He stayed off it for a whole 8 months! Then, his long lost granddaughter turned up a month before Xmas and he started drinking again because she also liked to drink. Then, he became this Jekyll and Hyde person and we broke up just before Xmas but remained friends, at first.

    Every fortnight, he goes on a alcoholic binge when his money comes in so it's best to avoid him if I can during that time. But, I would also worry because whilst drunk, he would forget to feed or water them.

    One week, he appeared at my door, asking me to order some chicken feed for him. Why couldn't he do it? He said that he wasn't sure which stuff he should get and that he was out of Credit on his mobile anyway. So, I said, ok, but that he had given me too much money. He said, keep it anyway, for now. I said that I had a few things to do, then, I would come over and check on his chook (Aussie slang for 'chicken'! [​IMG]) feed levels and show him.

    2 hrs later, he rings me sounding rather drunk, saying that he has no money for food and wants a dozen eggs. I told him that I didn't have a dozen eggs available. (At the time, he still had some of my chickens at his place) He was very sarcastic. "Oh, yeah? We have all these chickens and no eggs to show for it!" I pointed out that he knew full well that we had had an egg eating problem with one or two of the hens which had reduced our supply. The only dozen eggs were promised to a customer who, normally, liked to have 2 dozen. Isaid that I would get some food for him with the extra money that he had given me. After an abusive tirade, he hung up.
    I walked over to his place, his granddaughter let me in and I checked the contents of his fridge, etc. Went to check on the chook food and the chickens. Their water was dirty and they had no food. He came out shouting, "What the F.... are you doing here!" I told him. He went back in saying he wanted me gone. Whilst I saw to the chickens, he came out a couple of times, shouting some nonsense and once said that he would call the Police. I said, "Go ahead. That will give them something to laugh about! I'm here looking after your chickens, check the feed and organise your shopping list, I don't think they will be pleased about being bothered about that!"

    I finished what I was doing and left with him shouting after me that he wanted his money back. I ignored him. I went home, got changed, jumped on a bus in the stinking hot day (my car was unregistered at the time), went to the Fodder Store and, then, the supermarket. Got some cat and dog food for myself with my money whilst I was there and jumped on the bus again and tried to deliver his food. No one would answer. The Air conditioner was on in the front room where his granddaughter and her boyfriend were staying. Everyone was home. So, I called and left text messages on both their mobiles saying that there was some frozen food that needed to be put in the fridge as it was too hot to leave outside.

    Then, the customer appeared asking for her eggs. I explained about the egg eating problem and promised to deliver her eggs shortly. Finally, Anala, opened up the front door rubbing her eyes as if she had been asleep. She and her boyfriend were cross with me for calling the Police to chaperone me to collect a few things the fortnight before. Anyway, I really doubt she couldn't have heard me earlier as I had started to bang on the door quite loudly.

    In I went, put the freezer stuff away, left the rest on the kitchen table with the receipts and fifty cents change. Left a note saying that the chicken feed would be delivered around 6.00pm. My X-boyfriend didn't come out of his bedroom.

    Why did I bother doing all this? Because some of the chickens in his backyard were mine and I had no intention of letting them starve! It's a good thing that he did give me that money otherwise he probably have spent it on booze and the chickens would've had no food! I realised that I had to get them out quickly but I wanted to do it whilst he was sober. Less likely for things to go wrong.

    I went home, put away my little bit of shopping, delivered the eggs, returned home and was about to have a nice cup of tea when I heard a Rooster crow in my backyard! What! I don't have any Roosters here! I go and check and find that two of my breeding Roosters who I raised myself, who were supposed to be at my X-boyfriend's place, in my backyard looking very stressed! They were even frightened of me!
    So, I had to catch each one to calm them down. Whilst I'm trying to do this, my neighbour behind my place starts shouting angrily over the fence about the Roosters. I tell her that I'm not happy about it either as my x-boyfriend must've chucked the Roosters over my back fence.

    Her delightful response was, "I don't want to hear about your personal problems! Just get rid of them TODAY!"
    "The only way that I can do that, Kris, is if I chop their necks off!"
    "Oh! You DON'T have to do THAT!"
    "Then, you'll just have to wait until I've sold them!" Grrrr! And she's supposed to be a devout Christian!

    Plus I found out later that she had phoned the South Australian Housing Trust (Government Housing - Kris and I both rent a place each) and told them that I had Roosters. Fortunately, I had already told them about my predicament so I didn't get into trouble.

    After I had hugged and cuddled each Rooster, I found a place for them in different rooms in my house as they hadn't been brought up together and made sure that an appropriate hen kept them company. It was whilst I was trying to catch Sparky, the Speckled Sussex, that I found Bluey, the Lavender Pekin Rooster dead under the bushes with a broken neck. He was a sweet little thing. Only a youngster. Around 15 wks old, I think. Poor thing didn't deserve that!

    When I next saw Gerald and asked him why? He said the neighbours started shouting at the Roosters to keep quiet. I said, "There's a thing called "communication!" You could've called me on my mobile and asked me to collect them rather than put them through that!"

    I asked him how did he transport them?
    "In a plastic bag, except for Sparky. He was under my arm."
    "A plastic bag!!" I exclaimed.
    "Oh! I tore a hole in it for them to breathe."
    I stared at him incredulously..........
    "And you threw them over the fence!"
    "Oh! I just dropped them gently over the fence."
    "Gently!! Bluey, the Lavender Pekin, is dead! He had a broken neck!"
    He looked at me stunned. (Maybe he didn't do it deliberately. Then, again, it depends on how drunk he was.) "Oh! The other Rooster must've killed him."
    "Roosters don't go around breaking other Roosters' necks! It's impossible!"
    "Er... Then, he must've broken his neck on the bushes."
    "They're Geranium bushes! Arrgh!"
    He must've been that drunk .....................!! I can just imagine him weaving his way to my house frightening the poor Roosters. He lives about 4-5 blocks from mine. There was, probably, no hole in the plastic bag (Plastic bag! Can't believe it!!) and, then, they were, probably flung over the fence like rag dolls. That was, probably, when he snapped Bluey's neck when he tried flinging him over! Good grief!

    Thinking back, when I was on the way to the bus stop, I saw Gerald approach my place and started shouting something. I think it was, "Give me my money back! It know you're inside! Stop pretending that you're not home. I know you're in there!" He couldn't have seen me walking down the street towards the bus stop. All this over a dozen eggs!! Unbelievable!!

    Well, since then, I found a really nice home for Storm and Shadow, Blue Pekin pair, with a lovely retired couple. I didn't want to separate them as I had purchased them together. I would've liked to have kept Shadow (well, both of them!). Fortunately, Shadow had a Blue daughter the spitting image of herself so, naturally, I kept her. Sweet natured just like her Mother. I, also, kept her Lavender daughter and a White daughter with Pencil lines around the neck. Sparky and Speckles are still in my office and Crystalon, my gorgeously sooky-when-cuddled Rooster, shares a room with two of his girls, two chicks and some future to-be hatchlings. With Sparky, the Speckled Sussex, I can't keep such a big Rooster in my house for long. He's just too big! Let's hope I can find him a home soon. Though I have to be careful as there are Cock Fighting Rings here in Australia.

    Anyway, my daughter says that she can get a trailer next week to help me collect my fridge. Once that is done. Hopefully, I can then break the ties with my x-boyfriend.

    Mia, I should've known better, as, like yourself, this isn't the first time that I've had a relationship with someone who is an alcoholic. So, I know what you are talking about.

    Thank you again, both of you, for your kind words. And, also, for the marbles or rocks in the water bowl idea. Good thinking.

    ChickyChooky [​IMG]

    "I put th
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    I have a salt water aquarium. It is my pride and joy. My ex once replaced my conditioned water with tap water to get back at me. What kind of person does such things to purposefully hurt others? Girl your drama right now is serious pain and it suuuuucks! He is sounds like a raging manic bipolar lunatic and you need to stay away from him regardless of if every chicken dies. You will be next if you don't look out and he wont remember breaking YOUR neck when he tosses YOU over the fence or under the bus!
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    "Whoah! Heavy, Spongegirl! But I do get your point.

    Sorry to hear about your salt water fish. Did any survive? Poor innocent creatures. I used to have Tropical Fish and they all had different personalities. Salt water fish..... expensive too! I gather you, finally, managed to replace them? What did you have?

    I, also, really don't understand why a lot of people strike out at people physically or emotionally just because they are cross or mad about something or just plain drunk! What satisfaction is there in being nasty to someone?! As they say now-a-days, "I don't get it!"

    I agree. People like that make me feel ashamed to be human!

    Thanks for your post and concerned warning. Sounds as if you have had some not-so-good memories re your Xs also.


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