A Trade Deal

K&H Chicken Farm

11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Redding CA
Would any one want to do a straight trade? My Wyandottes are laying well and what I was looking at is if anyone wanted to I would send you 6 to 9 eggs for your 6 to 9 eggs.
I have a Blue laced red roo, a blue hen and 2 splash hens. They are in a pen by them selfs.
I am looking for Javas,Dorkings,Polish,Buckeye,Brahma,Malay or NN. Standard or Bantam.

If more then one would like to give it ago I would only like to ship on Mondays so it would have to be a fallowing week. The first date I am looking at would be
Monday the 31 of March.

Heres pics of Chief and his girls. (sorry not the best pics I am working one handed.)


I have standard Buckeyes and would be willing to trade. I have 18 hens so 6-9 eggs would be no problem. Let me know.

If you are still looking, I have:

Hamburg Bantams, Silver Spangled

d'Uccle Bantams, Mille Fleur and Porcelain

Cochin Bantams, White

Crossbreed Bantams

Crossbreed Large Fowl

Indian Runner Ducks, Fawn and White

Cayuga Ducks, Black

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