A Tribal Roleplay

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    Aug 8, 2013
    Hello, and thank you for considering joining this!

    This will be the very first (and maybe last) roleplay I start, so if it seems a little amateur, I apologize.

    You were born in a tribe, and now others are threatening to take over. Will your tribe be taken over, or stand firm and fight?

    There are four tribes. The Foresters, who are a very small tribe, and not very known of, the Mountainers, who are very strong, but have a high mortality rate, due to the cold, and well, height. The strongest, and most well known tribe is the Plains tribe. They are extremely strong, but very vulnerable due to being out in the middle of nowhere. The last is a secret tribe, who stay hidden for safety. They live in caves just under the Mountainers.

    The ranks are: Leader (1), Leader's Spouses (2), Prince(ess) (>4), Warriors (5), Hunters (Unlimited), and Crafters (Unlimited)

    Here's the form:


    Age: (there can be kids)





    And put a picture.


    All Backyard Chicken rules apply.
    Keep it clean!
    Please use correct grammar and spelling, it can be a headache trying to figure out what some people are trying to say.
    I own this, and what I say goes.
    People get hurt. It takes a while to heal. Remember this.
    Have fun.
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    Closed at OP request.
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