A very excited chicken momma got her first bantam egg!

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    Lucy, my Bantam Black australorp, has been acting very "egg-like" lately. She would run from the coop to the pen and make strange "bup bup bup.... BA BA BUP!" noises, and then hop into the coop, then back out. Well, it was all leading up to this! I walked out this morning and let the Furious Five out (Thats a nickname I gave 'em... :) and started cleaning the coop when I saw something in the nesting box. I picked it up to see who layed it, (yes I can tell which hen layed what! Penny has long, thin eggs and Nellie has short and fat eggs.) and noticed it was still warm, and extremely small! WOOOPEEE!!! Lucy layed her first egg EVER!

    Lucy on the left, Nellie in the middle and Penny on the left! Go girls!
    Its sooo cute!
    Love my chickens! [​IMG]
    Good girl Lucy!

    (Just thought I'd add this... you know for sure you're a crazy chicken girl when you run in the house shouting "WOOPEE!" with shavings in your hair and cradling a egg in your hand. Yup, i'm chicken crazy.)
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    Congratulations on Lucy's first egg!
    I have 6 BA's in the large size.
    I'm sure, like Lucy, they're adorably cute in the little banty size!
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    Congratulations Miss Lucy! Good job! [​IMG]
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    Aww, yay, Lucy! :)

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