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    My neighbor came back from overseas today. I watch his Brazilian Mastiffs for him whenever he is away, as his dogs are guard dogs and he is limited with how many people can handle them. I never ask for money, but he always pays me. He already gave me money for watching them, and then during general conversation he asked about our situation and how things were going. I told him the whole story of no unemployment so we're appealing it , selling some of my animals bla bla bla....... He says hold on, walks in his house and comes out with an envelope. In the envelope was a couple hundred dollars. I cried. My own family has never offered money, and here my nice neighbor gives me this. I told him I will give it back to him, he just smiled. God works in mysterious ways........

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    Aww! Thats so sweet of him...
    Nice to hear that people do still care in this crazy world... [​IMG]
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    how nice. have you had a chance to work on you decals lately I still want to order some.
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    You are so lucky to have nice neibhors, one of mine cut down a shared fence and let a big heard of cows out
    You have a nice place, nice to visit with you, glade you are getting help
    I also owned a Brazilian Mastiff named her Helpfull Hanna, because she carried tools off
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    Pay it forward...you wont always be in a desperate situation. Someday maybe you can help someone else out. When you can, do it. Sorry to hear you are in difficulties.
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    Thankfully the good people make up for the bad people in this world. In the future when your situation resolves itself you can pay it forward. Great news!

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    [​IMG] to your neighbor.
  9. ChickenZoo - your neighbor sounds like an awesome man. People who do good deeds for people like him, make me want to cry because there just aren't enough people who won't even do little things for their fellow human nowadays.

    I agree with OldChickenLady - down the line when you come across someone you can help - help them - pay it forward. This is a philosophy that has served me well in life that and "If possible do one good deed for someone else everyday" - I believe one thing for someone else, no matter how small makes someone else's day, or makes them stop and think and be more likely to do a good deed as well.

    People like your neighbor makes this crazy world we live in, worth living in. [​IMG]

    I can only hope your troubles soon turn around and things pick up. I know I would be devestated if I had to sell my animals or get rid of them again like I have had to in the past because of moving from lack of finances or whatever issues....Its always tough and just remember you have friends here who you can always talk to. Take care. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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