a very sweet lady @ TSC


5 Years
Feb 21, 2014
Early last week I met a very nice lady at Our local TSC. We started talking about Chicks and where We live (about 60 miles apart) We exchanged # and She told Me to call Her when I got a cage for some Silkies.We talk awhile longer and said see later. Well later was sooner ! Saturday a grand daugther was with me and We stop at a road side sale .As soon as I got out of My Truck I could hear someone hollowing for Me . Yes ! it was the Lady from TSC . She had brought chicks to sell and only sold 3 ,She Hugged Me and said She wanted to give Me the rest for Free . I tried to pay Her but She wouldn't have it. She also said I had been on Her mind all day. I stayed and talked about an hour. Turns out We have so much in common. So You see We both went to TSC for feed and found a Friend. God Thank You for My new Friend Rhonda.


8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
ES of MD , USA
Very nice article to read. Chicken people are like addicts, they like to share their addiction with others. In all honesty, I have met some of the nicest people talking chickens, selling chickens, and giving away chickens.

If everyone had chickens the world would be a much better place.

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