A very unpleasant pest


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Sep 11, 2008
Groveland, in Central Florida
This was last summer, but I'd thought I'd share here.
I went out to give my chickens their morning feed and
found this.

It's a Moccasin. He went under the hot wire and tried to get through the
chicken wire. He got stuck and I guess, in the process of backing out, got
electrocuted. See it's tail over the wire?
I went to get my camera and something to pull it out with.
I got a pole brush cutter. Also, my husband got home so he and my son took over removal duties.
Good thing because Mr. Snake wasn't dead. Just stunned.
As soon as he was grabbed, he came back to life with a baaaddd attitude.
My son chopped it's head off with a shovel and then it was buried.
Never a dull day here.
Glad you all were safe and didnt get hurt. I let em alone as long as they are no where near the coop, but if they are found in or near the coop they will get moved and how they get moved depend on how they act. ......................
Do you have any other pics of it? It doesn't look like a moccasin but rather a watersnake. What state are you in?

I dont' know where the original poster lives, but I live in Wisconsin and we call them Water Moccasins....Mean mean mean snakes....Again, not sure where the OP lives, but that's what we call them here...(maybe it's just us, I don't know)
I'm in central Florida. We have some ponds on the back of our property.
This fellow was a mocassin. When he struck the shovel, you could see & hear his fangs.
And no, there are no more pictures, because when he got free of the fence and was striking everything, I screamed like a little girl and hauled arse. lol

p.s. we don't subscribe to the *only good snake is a dead snake* theory.
Live & let live, and all that stuff.
mosciann yes!!! he was I have a half acre pond by my house and thats what he was and they always have bad attitudes I kill everyone of them I see,good job and glad no one was hurt. but with those guys thats all they are good for .I live in N.E.Texas lake country area and I kill them all summer long going after my birds,and I also have a large koi fish garden and they have gotten in there and taken some very nice large koi.
take there heads off .good job
I'm in coastal South Carolina, but spent most of my life in Austin, TX- and when canoeing a big stock pond at a ranch outside Austin, at dusk, I had a water moccasin climb my paddle! I let him have the paddle.

We have 2 four foot long yellow rat snakes living under the house here in SC- they each are allowed 1 egg per day. After that, I run them off. We did have a rattlesnake show up in the dog's yard- he got killed. But we do believe in live and let live, as long as no one is in danger.

I chased a copperhead all over one day- he slithered off- then I found out what he was- Yikes!

Kuthzyruth, I am sure glad he didn't get anyone! Moccasins aren't known for their charming personalities!
I ran over one with the lawnmower last summer. I think the neighbors three blocks away heard my scream when I realized it lol. If its just a rat snake or a garden snake we'll pick it up with a rake and move it but if its poisonous its fair game for my DH to kill because I'm usually running in the opposite direction lol.
That is one mean looking snake.
Glad your ok. I am glad we don't get anything like that here. Mostly grass snakes. Harmless. OH that is an ugly looking snake. Gives me goose bumps just looking at the thing.

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