A wonderful dog found ME. (with pics!)

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  1. Smoky73

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    Feb 8, 2007
    We have been feeding this stray dog hubby likes for about 2 months now. It started out at being out a away from the coop, in a large hay barn, and has progressed to feeding it along side the coop. A blue heeeler looking like dog, possible a Austrailian Cattle dog as its taller. Docked tail, young I think, male. We cannot get close to it, but, we have been feeding it all the time. (Now I started) I named him Sampson, as I do not know what hubbys intentions are with the dog once we can gain its trust.

    However, that is NOT the topic of my discussion. tonight, I am packing for a bird show Saturday I leave for tomorrow (escuse any typos, I have had alcohol LOL) and I am loading a bunch of stuff into the car for the raffle. I hear the dogs (our two dogs) barkeing ans see Aampson around the coop. However, behind me I see something slinking off, I thought was a scrawny orange cat. Turns out its a little terrier mix dog. It looks really skinny, so I fed it some cat food. Came right up to me and ate, though I was cautious. When hubby came home he petted it right away. After that we talked about trying to find the owner or if the neighbor wanted him. We THINK its a young dog, its teeth are really white still, and it is a male, but still squats to pee. However, it has a terible underbite, and a curly tail, so we think it might be part pug? Anyway, after hubby got home, the dog has been like my shadow ever since. I realise, we have a small house with two dogs in it already, and two cats....but hubby has no idea I think how badly i want this dog. It will curl up in my lap like it has always lived here. I n thruth, to get rid of it (unless it belonged to a family already) It will kill me to part with him. I am already bonded to it I think.
    It is almost everything we have wanted when our outehr dogs are gone, small dog, gentle, friendly and a mutt. The bad things are our otehr two dogs are pansies, and I fear they will not get a long. Tonight, when I let our dogs into the house, the large one just wanted it, but the corgi, whom I was the most afraid for, seemed excited to have the little dog and the dog, does not seem t chase cats.
    The problem is convincing hubby I love this little dog. I am hoping that if I can show him the other two do not care, maybe I can convice him to let the dog stay, but live outside unless it WANTS to come in. It is sleeping in my wagon right now on top of the gas grill cover, looking at me through the window. I saw it poop, and did not see any worms or anything, but it was very hungry. OMG, it has a terrible underbite uit is so ugly it CUTE! I am dvestated . we agreed to get a small dog at some point afte rthe other two were gone (partly due to the outher dogs being female and both pansies), but I almost think this is fate. Plus its a male, which I did not ever want. I just really need to rant, I am upset.[​IMG]
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  2. PineappleMama

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    Sounds like our Mattie. We went to the pound and she was just there.

    Didn't much want a (we think) Chihuahua/Terrier... yikes some scary ankle biting stories in the family... but we took her to the 'play yard' and she jumped right into playing fetch then came and sat right next to me on the bench... even answered to Mattie... even though there was no name on her papers.

    And we were sunk.

    She wasn't what we thought we wanted, but she turned out to be just what we needed.

    So... Congrats on being Found! [​IMG]

    And [​IMG] for not including pictures! [​IMG]
  3. Three Cedars Silkies

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    PICS!!! Just tell him that this little one has stolen your heart. I'm sure things will work out with all the dogs...they usually do.

    Do keep us posted.
  4. jerseygirl1

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    Jun 20, 2009
    Orange County, NY
    Quote:I agree, I think it is fate like you said. Angels really do take care of animals and an angel guided that dog to you................

    And we need pics
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    Aug 24, 2009
    BC Canada
    [​IMG] pics
  6. Sootsie

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    Sep 15, 2010
    I have had rescue dogs over the years all border collies and I swear each one was waiting for me [​IMG] without a doubt they have been the most loving and protective dogs ive ever found. Tell hubby he stole your heart and he wont eat much and he wont take up much space and the others like him and ill love [​IMG] you forever if you let me keep him and it could be worse ...............it could have been a great dane that wandered in. [​IMG] if that fails tell him we all said it was a good idea
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  7. Smoky73

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    Feb 8, 2007
    Thanks for all the encouragement. That little one woke us both up twice last night because the neighbors dogs were barking and she he started barking which made our inside dogs bark. She was protecting us I like to think. I will sit outside for a white today with all three dogs to see how it goes. I understand hubby probably will not want it in the house, but even if it stays outside, it has a little dog house that was used for the cats but they do not hardly use it.
    I will get pics today once it gets more light out, it was after dark by the time we tried to track down any possible owners in the neighborhood.
  8. Smoky73

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    Feb 8, 2007
    Here are pics of my new buddy, even if it ends up being only temporary.



    He did start hiking his leg today and he gets along great with my other dogs. And I could probably introduce him into the house with the exception of one thing- how do you keep a male dog in the house and keep him from hiking his leg and peeing on everything? I just put in new floors and really would not want him peeing on everything in site.
  9. GoldenCometLover

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    Sep 23, 2010
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    OMG he is a cutie pie! I just rescued a stray dog last week....I wasn't looking for another dog...she found me and now she is a member of the family...this poor little guy needs a family and it sounds like you want to do it...dogs are not hard to potty train....take a chance and give this guy the home he deserves!

    (spelling edit)
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  10. bufforp89

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    Jul 26, 2009
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    OMG he is cute! Look at that face! If you dont keep him send him to meee!

    I have had a intact male American Bull Dog for 8 years in the house. I just take him out alot and on a schedual. He goes out 3 times a day these days and never ever has accidents in the house.

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