A wonderful moment


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Camden County NJ
So I took the chicks outside today for their weekly photo shoot. I took my favorite girl first, set her in the grass (first time outside without being in a crate) and took some photos. Then I walked away about 6 ft. to move the crate to a better spot so I could put her in. My little girl got scared that I walked away and chased after me peeping flapping and jumping. She settled as soon as she was next to me again.
The next chick I brought out was scratching and eating outside the cage while I took some pics of her. I was squatting down and she got startled when the chick in the cage jumped. Second chick flew up in the air and immediately into my lap. LOL then she sat there looking around to see if the coast was clear.
It was soooo nice to know my chicks consider being with me a safe place to be.
It is a wonderful feeling, isn't it? I had my chicks outside the other day, and it was the first time for the 2 week olds. My little guy Blaze had followed me as I left the chicken yard, and I didn't know it. He slipped through the fence and followed me as far as the edge of the house where he stopped, and I continued on cause I had to use the bathroom. Next thing I know my mother comes to the bathroom door and knocks and tells me that I had left a chick outside the fence and it was screaming it's head off. So I hobbled back outside (was in a car accident last Sunday, so walking hurts), and Blaze immediately was back under my feet. He followed me back into the chicken yard and as soon as I sat back down, he flew up into my lap and wouldn't leave. I think he thought I was going to abandon him, poor thing. He's such a booger otherwise, but that day he was sweet as could be. Guess he wanted to be on his best behavior, lest I should leave him again, lol!
i <3 chicken loves! now i know it's roosty time at night and really, the only reason my chooks want to have anything to do with me is at night when it is in fact - ROOSTY TIME - BUT, it is sweet when they all jump up on you and fight for shoulder-space and snuggle under your chin. the snuggles get me every time. i had my brown leghorn and my buttercup in my arms and carmella (buttercup) was purring up a storm. i had my neck and chin covering them and they were so warm and sweet. i love chookie-night-time, even if they don't see it the same way
I'm so afraid that my chicks will run off and run away from me! I have 3 week olds and 3 of them love me, a couple seem indifferent, and 2 don't seem to want to have much to do with me. Any advice?

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