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    Jul 2, 2008
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    My husband is adding onto my chicken coop and the new part has a metal roof...I was out there looking at it the other day and it had a lot of condensation on the inside of the roof. He just has the rafters then strips of wood with the metal roofing attached to it. Its not in use yet, still have to build a couple of doors and finish out the windows. It is not an option to ask him to pull up the roof and redo it, so I am going to have to insulate it somehow. Should I use that rigid foam insulation and just cut it to fit between the rafters? If so, how would I install it? Do I cover it? My goal would be to prevent the condensation, keep the heat down in summer and keep the cold out in winter (of course!). Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

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    May 8, 2008
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    I just insulated my metal roof and I used the rigid styrofoamy stuff (lol) and cut it to fit. I used a latex adhesive that is made especially for foamboard and attached it right to the studs. I think it was called Loctite. Didn't have much odor and didn't bother the "girls" at all.
    I didn't bother to cover the insulation on the ceiling only down lower where it could get pecked at.
    The other bonus of insulationg the metal roof is a big reduction in NOISE when it rains. I'm sure the girls appreciate that too. [​IMG]

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    Yup. Glue foamboard onto the underside (try to fit it as tight as possible between your rafters/nailers, without large gaps) using a glue that is ok for use on foamboard. No need to cover unless you have a high, high roost or levitating chickens [​IMG]

    Have fun,

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    thanks both of you... [​IMG]
    -patandchickens - I enjoyed your info on ventilation - nice job!
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    Jul 26, 2008
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    there isnew spray on insillation out there on market now and it done by proffisional companies, I don't think it is very expensive if the roof not very big, you might be able to get an estimate.
    look in your local yellow pages.

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