AARRRGG! How will I ever pass the time till chicks arrive in APRIL ?

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  1. Got the chicken coop all done now, [​IMG]
    and the brooder all done , set up , and ready to go.

    [​IMG].....now I need some way to pass the time till the chicks arrive in April..I never knew time could go by sooo slow!!! [​IMG]

    Been looking at allllll the many great pictures of coops on here and the landscaping round them and you all gave me soooo many coop ideas !!!!! So. NOW I have a new IDEA!!! [​IMG]

    To pass the time, I am gonna build a couple of picket fences , with 'garden gates' around the yard . Atleast 2 of them....as an accent to our new coop and the many flower gardens in my yard!!

    Gonna leave a couple of the fences as bare wood and use sealer on them . Then gonna paint a couple of them white! [​IMG]
    Found 1x4x4 at Lowes today for .50 each!!! Got 30 of them !!! What a bargain!!! [​IMG] May go back and get the rest of them tomorrow! [​IMG]

    Gonna start building my fences tomorrow in the shop...since it is gonna SNOW here all day.....[​IMG] ... we will build a big fire in the stove, put on a pot of beans to cook and work inside our shop.

    Dearest Hubby , bless his heart, [​IMG] ...he has already set 2 post for me, in concrete, for the first picket fence w/ gate, in the back part of the yard where the new coop and compost pile are located.

    I always thought that was one of the ugliest parts of the yard....but it want be anymore!!! [​IMG]

    Will set the white picket fence off the side of the new barn red coop and the white fence will match the white trim on my coop!!
    NOW maybe I wont go crazy waiting till April 2 for my chicks to arrive!!! [​IMG]

    Just wanna thank everyone on BYC for all the inspiration and great pictures you share on the forum!!

    Anyone else have any picket fence pictures you wanna share?? Would love to see them?? [​IMG]

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    No picket fences...

    and my aren't you busy busy busy.

    After your done planning and arranging yours...you and your wonderful dh may come here and do mine.

    please...pretty pretty please? ha ha ha.


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