ABA National/PPBA Winter Show Stockton, CA 2013

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    Jun 16, 2010
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    Hi there! Found an old thread that was started for the 2012 show and thought that was an awesome idea. Couldn't find anything for the upcoming 2013 show so thought I'd start here. Please direct me to the correct thread if one has been created, or let's start posting here.

    I am looking to purchase blue or splash Jersey Giant pullets or hens, polish pullets or hens, and a couple of those super cute crested/afro headed ducks. [​IMG] Oh, or eggs could work too.

    I have to offer, quail or black d'Anver eggs, or pullet/cockerels. Just hatched last week.

    Can't wait! Thanks!
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    I am looking forward to this show as well. They are hosting the Western District Silkie Nationals so there should be some nice birds there.
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