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    We had a Runner duck, about 5 years old who over the last couple of months started getting a bigger and bigger abdomen, to the point it was making it difficult for her to walk. On examining her, her abdomen was soft, just very large, and she did not seem too distressed by my examining her abdomen. She became weaker and weaker and would not leave her pen to range with the other ducks, so when she got to the point where she was moving very little I decided we had to put her down.
    We did an "autopsy" and the pictures I am going to attach show what we found. I am hoping, if anyone has had a similar finding they could give me some insight.
    The orbs that you see in the picture felt jelly like, fairly clear, some had small veins. You can see the variety of sizes, my husbands finger is in the picture for size comparison.
    Thanks in advance for any thoughts. [​IMG]

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