Abnormal poop

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    May 21, 2016
    I am trying to figure out what my hen has. Her poop has been like glycerin with the white topping! Very nasty but!! I have 2 hens with nasty butt's! I went in the coop the other day and the Leghorn was standing there with fluffed feathers, head down and didn't care if I picked her up. I cleaned her up and put her in a small cage, that's when I got a good look at what she was eliminating. We started giving penicillin injections that night. By the next morning she was feeling much better and poop was beginning to look more normal. Haven't been able to find anything online that is similar to the problem. She's on day 4 of antibiotics and back to normal. Regular poop and clean vent feathers. Still would like a clear diagnosis.
    Any thoughts??

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