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  1. carolinahomegrown

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    May 1, 2011
    The guy i bought some of my chickens from bred his BCM rooster to a Barred Rock, a RIR, and Black Sex Link hen. When i got mine they were a little under two months old and every pullet/cockerel in the pen was either barred, red, or black, so im assuming the same as their respective mothers. Just curious about this, wondering if possibly sex linked traits or what, i'm relatively new to chickens and appreciate any instight, thanks.

  2. danielle82

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    Apr 27, 2009
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    out of the barred hens, they will produce barred chicks only in the male offspring when bred to a non-barred rooster
  3. mama24

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    Mar 7, 2010
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    If you knew which chicks came from the barred rock hen, there would be sexlink traits. But all bets are off since he also had a BSL hen. Now that they are all mixes, you can't breed for sex linked traits. The parents have to purebred (or at least a crossbreed of 2 breeds of the same color always, no recessive colors) for it to work.

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