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    I got 2 black langshan in my assorted feather leg order. I'm wondering how quickly they usually feather in and how quickly their combs come in? I'm beginning to fear that both are roos. [​IMG] At 5 weeks they both have good sized combs. I'd love to hear how this bird matures!! Here's a pic of one of the chicks.


    Thanks for looking!
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  2. I have a white langshan hen and she does have a moderate size comb which is pretty red. She has feathered legs/feet but not as much as the cochin. She is what I would describe as a small standard. Very sweet hen.
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    Bad news-you're right. That's a cockerel.
    Langshans, properly bred, are very large [if we're talking abot large fowl not bantams].The males are very tall & require a double coop in shows.

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