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    Aug 24, 2012
    Hi All,

    I read the thread in meat birds about fermented feed and decided to try a batch. I think mine took longer due to the brand of ACV I used. It has been percolating for several days stirred often. It still smells like fresh bread so assume it is safe to feed. I gave my 6 week old girls a few spoonfuls today and wow they hit the stuff like a pack of dogs on a 3 legged cat.

    1. Is there any real limit to how long feed can ferment and still be safe?
    2. Did I actually get fermented feed? (house temp stays around 80 degrees)
    3. Can I speed this process up a bit by getting ACV that has the good mother probiotics in it?
    4. What type of feeder works best for FF? I took mine out on a paper plate as a test feed not a long term solution.

    Girls are all bright and alert so I think they are fine but don't want to give them any more until I am sure this feed is OK.
    If this works I may start my new kids on fermented feed as soon as they arrive as well as continuing my current girls on it since they seem to love it.

    Thanks all,

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    Mar 22, 2012
    Did you use unpasteurized unfiltered ACV? If so, you already used the "mother" to start your feed.

    From what you describe, you did get fermented feed. I just started mine Sunday night, and I'd describe its smell as a combination of rising bread and sour smell. Has a healthy smell to it, not a rotten smell. Like your birds, mine have hoovered it up. I'm just using pie tins for now; I saw people using trough-type feeders on the million-page fermenting for meaties thread. I might go that route someday, but honestly the pie tins work fine for me.

    From a scientific standpoint, there should be no limit as to how long the feed sits and ferments and its safety, as long as you keep it from getting contaminated/spoiled by a different microorganism. Adding fresh feed every few days as you take out the feed you give to your girls is a good way to keep it going just fine. I'm going to post a thread about the microbiology and biochemistry of fermented feed once I've done some more research.

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